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As a large-scale packaging manufacturing enterprise of high-end pharmaceuticals, food and daily necessities' packaging materials, Hangzhou Plastics Industry Co., Ltd. is an advanced unit of China's light industry system and a leading enterprise in the Chinese pharmaceutical packaging industry.

In order to make Hangzhou Plastics a world-class manufacturer of pharmaceutical and food packaging materials, the board of directors in 2008 decided to build a new factory. The new plant is located in Lin'an Economic Development Zone in the western suburbs of Hangzhou. This place is the core region where China's economy has the fastest growth and the largest market capacity. The plan is divided into two phases. The first phase will be the production zone of PVC, PVDC drug packaging materials, and the second phase will be the production zone of non-PVC environment-friendly packaging material with a total area of 71 mu (one mu=667sqm) and a total investment of CNY 305 million. The first phase-PVC and PVDC drug packaging material production area has been completed and put into operation with a total area of 50,000 square meters, including over 5,000 square meters of 100,000 purification levels plant; with an annual production capacity of 25,000 tons, this production area is used for the production of all rigid thermoforming drugs and high-grade food packaging.

The company pursues internationalized management concepts, makes strict management and continuous innovation, and strives to build and enhance the visibility and reputation of “Crystal” brand. Through having large-scale production and updating hardware facilities, the company continues to improve its products' international competitiveness and ensures the leading position of Hangzhou Plastics in the packaging field.

The company currently has advanced sheet processing equipment, has introduced PVC rigid sheet delaying production line, PVC/PVDC (PVC/PE) coating compounding production line and biaxial type cutting rewinder with the latest technology level from Germany, Austria, USA and Italy respectively; at the same time, the company is equipped with plastic rheometer, gas chromatograph, gas permeation tester, computer color matching instrument and other quality inspection instruments imported from the United States, Japan, etc., as well as 10,000 super-clean laboratory, and we use computer technology and advanced testing equipment to control the quality of the real-time production process.

The company has an integrated management system in line with international standards. Our company has successfully certificated to ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, ISO22000 food packaging management system, SA8000 social responsibility system and ISO15378 medical packaging material quality management system. Our main products such as PVC series medical rigid sheet, PVDC series medical composite rigid sheet, PS, PET series food rigid sheet, not only meet the needs of the domestic pharmaceutical food packaging field, but also well sold in all over the world and have world-class customers. Respecting talented people and inviting them, has always been the driving force for Hangzhou Plastics to get continuous development. At present, Hangzhou Plastics has an R&D team with industry-leading level; through personalized service, repeated argumentation, and scientific research innovation, we aim to provide customers with safer and healthier products. Standing at a new starting point, Hangzhou Plastics strives to be pioneering and innovative, and then strives to be excellence. We will introduce more advanced technologies and equipment, optimize management, and constantly introduce more pharmaceuticals, foods, and other high barrier packaging products to build a wider range of network of cooperation of customers. We hope this network brings our products together with the concept of health to every corner of the world.

Hangzhou Plastics, a leading solution provider for the pharmaceutical and food packaging industry in China!

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